Wonderscape Retreats

What are Wonderscape retreats about? Wonderscape Retreats are nature-based experiences offering you time to devote to your craft and inspiration from other artists. The theme for the 2018 retreat is Success, Failure and Art.

What can I expect? Wonderscape retreats are designed to move you forward in your creative journey. Be prepared to spend time outdoors, work on your own creative projects, and learn from other artists as they share their stories and expertise. Expect to become part of a warm and honest community where connections are made and new ideas are born.

What kind of people go to Wonderscape?

Wonderscape is for full-time artists who want to connect with like-minds, for construction workers and lawyers and accountants who want to listen to their creative calling, for musicians, fibre artists, poets, woodcarvers, and actors who are looking for some outdoor rejuvenation, and for stay-at-home parents who just need a little time to devote to their craft. Wonderscape is for the 21-year-old university student and the 80-year-old widow. Wonderscape gatherings are founded on the premise that everyone has the capacity to respond creatively to the world around them.

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Photo credit: Janelle Yakimishen