What People are Saying

“I have attended Wonderscape for the last 2 years and find the participants and the retreat format innovative, invigorating, interesting and inspiring.” -Michelle Engele

“A truly amazing event. Your inspiration has made a lasting impression on so many.” – Michelle Temple

“The creative buzz from Wonderscape is sustainable and will have lasting effects. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I was able to participate. Thank you again!” -Ann Savage

“…A weekend getaway overflowing with artistic inspiration! I soaked in the workshops – writing, painting & drama improv were my picks – and I loved the evening jam sessions. The snowy weather didn’t dampen our creative spirit, with some of us still venturing out to get in our Hike & Write workshop. It was a truly beautiful weekend with beautiful people. Thank you for pouring your heart & soul into creating this special event.” -Katie Miller

“Wow!!  Big thanks for pulling together a warm and inspirational selection of presenters… Looking forward to the next one!” -Kate Hersberger

“I joined the retreat for an evening as a guest musician. What a pleasure to play music for creatively-minded people. I wish I had been there for the whole weekend!”

-Amber Epp

“It was absolutely incredible to be gathered with like minded people and to be told to do what you need to do–that permission was so needed! I really can barely explain how much of an impact you and Wonderscape has had on me!!”

– Marea Olafson

“When contemplating going to Wonderscape I was a tiny bit conflicted as it was under the premise of a “creative retreat”. While I like to dabble in cooking, sewing, knitting, & crocheting I wouldn’t ever consider myself an “artist” – that sounded far too lofty and whimsical for me. Little did I realize it would be such an inspiring weekend, with real people sharing their stories and craft, acceptance, laughter, and conversation. The warmth of the people even gave me the courage to share one of my poems, and it truly felt like a safe place to discover some hidden creativity. I felt full–satiated and satisfied in deep places.”

-Corinna Silvestri

“Each of us was invited to be in charge of making the retreat what we wanted it to be. Yes, a schedule was laid out, but we were encouraged to “pull away and find some solitude”, if that was what we wanted to get out of the weekend. When we weren’t all together, people either spent time on their project or idea, explored the surrounds, or took the opportunity to relax and reset. I was impressed by the energy and creativity and laughter and connections and ideas and wonder that happened without anyone having to do anything other than being there for and with everyone else. There were no prima donnas or ego heads; just a group of people sharing themselves and their creative passions.” -Jenny Gates


Here’s a peek at past retreats…

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Snow Day, Deer Park Golf Course, Yorkton SK, Feburary 4, 2017



Wonderscape at Riding Mountain National Park, Sept. 30- Oct. 2, 2016


 Header photo: Chef Mariana Brito and Madison Sutcliffe of The Backyard preparing dinner at Wonderscape 2016